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Size:2x 225g
Type:Filter coffee
choose:As beans

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Subscription for 3 months

This subscription is an amazing idea for a gift to a coffee lover! Or for yourself to get a taste of the wide range of our coffees.

In this three month subscription we deliver you or your friend fresh and tasty coffee, for three, with one easy order. One of the coffees is always a new coffee that we have published or have just published, the other one being "an old friend". You just have to choose whether you want filter or espresso/dark coffee, how many bags of coffee you want and if you want the coffee as beans or ground coffee. It's that easy! After three months your subscription will end.

Coffees for the subscriptio are roasted at the beginning of each month and mailed straigh away so that the subscribers receive it fresh.

Postage is included in the price (only in Finland).

What else?

Place an order and receive delivery at the beginning of each month for three months.

See our "Continuous subscription" product if you want the coffees to arrive for a longer period of time.. In the "Continuous subscription" product, you pay for the delivery per month and you can stop the order whenever you want.

Send us an email at if you have any questions.