Who we are

We are behind Good Life Coffee: Lauri and Aleksi. A happy duo brought together by coffee.
We enjoy coffee that is fresh, tasty and easy to drink. Coffee that leaves your mouth wanting more.

This is what we want to offer our customers as well.


GLC was founded in Kallio, Helsinki as a coffee bar in 2012(-2019) by me, Lauri.
After studying, working as a barista for a few years and winning the Barista of the Year competition
I opened GLC with the goal of bringing fresh and tasty coffee to the people of Helsinki.
In 2014, we decided to start a roastery with the same name with a friend, because we felt that
There is still room in Finland for an operator that focuses on quality.
The years progressed, the owners changed, and Aleksi became part of the company in 2016.
Before the roastery, Aleksi had run (and still runs) Kahvila Sävya on the other side of Kalliot.


We value honesty, fairness and doing things well. We are the structures on top of these
also our company. We stand behind our coffees 100% and we love each and every one of them.
We wouldn't sell coffee that we wouldn't make for our mothers.
We believe that everyone who works with coffee should receive their appreciation and a fair salary.
We are not perfect and that is why we are constantly working to find better and more durable ones
ways of working and buying coffee.
You can read more about our journey on the responsibility website (which will be published soon).


For us, coffee is a seasonal product, just like any other fruit. This is why we buy coffee that is the freshest harvest. This means that we always have a changing coffee menu, depending on which country's coffee is in season. One of the reasons for this is also that coffee ages with time. We want our coffee to taste fresh, sweet and clean.
We buy coffee whose backgrounds we know. We can always trace our coffee all the way to the farmer or group of farmers. We strive to establish long and lasting relationships with them, as well as to buy
coffee from them year after year.

One of the goals for the near term is to enter the coffee farms
and through this to deepen our relations with the producers of our coffee.