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Country: Burundi

Field: Mutana

Producer: 858 small producers in the area

Processing: Washed

Varieties: Bourbon

Altitude: 1800-2000m

Harvest: May - July 2022

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The land-locked country of Burundi really does punch above its weight when it comes to delicious coffees, and this offering, sourced through Long Miles Coffee Project and their work at the Bukeye Washing Station is no exception.

This fully washed coffee begins with the delivery of freshly harvested cherries by local farmers to the washing station near Ninga. Upon arrival, cherries are floated and hand-sorted for ripeness, before depulping through a disc pulper into a tank for a dry fermentation of around twelve hours. Following this, the parchment is rinsed in fresh water, graded by density, and left to soak for a further four to six hours in the final rinse tank. Once washed it is then moved to covered drying tables where it is hand-picked over a period of forty-eight hours to remove visible defects such as insect damage. The next stage involves the parchment being transferred to the newly built raised African drying tables, where it is slow-dried for a period of sixteen to twenty days, depending on the weather, until it reaches the desired moisture level of 10.5%.

Long Miles Coffee Project has a team of locals known as Coffee Scouts, who work to improve coffee in the areas they serve. In Ninga, the Coffee Scout is Sakubu, who works alongside local smallholders, teaching best practices and sharing knowledge to help farmers maximise their land's potential. The dedication and support provided by Sakubu and the Long Miles team have paid off, as the quality can be tasted in every cup.