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Continuous subscription

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Size:2x 225g
Type:Filter coffee
Choose:As beans

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Continuous 'coffee of the month' subscription

In the "Continuous 'coffee of the month' subscription" order, we deliver you fresh and tasty coffee every month, with one easy order. One of the coffees in the subscription is always new, which we are about to publish or have just published. All you need to do is choose whether you want filter or espresso/dark coffee, how many bags of coffee you want and if you want the coffee as beans or grounded. It's that easy! You can cancel your subscription whenever you want. The coffees for the orders are roasted at the beginning of each month and mailed fresh to your home. Shipping is included in the price (only in Finland).

In bigger amounts, contact

What else?

Place an order and pay for the first delivery.

If you make the order between the 1st and 14th of the month, you will get your first shipment straight away as soon as possible, and the next one will come at the start of next month. And if you make your order on the 15th of the month or later, you will receive the first shipment at the start of next month.

After the first shipment, you will receive delivery at the beginning of each next month and the payement is taken from your account on the 1st day of each month. If you wish to get the coffees in another schedule contact us at

You can cancel you order whenever you want. You will get info about this on email sent to you after you've placed your order. Or then you can just send us an email: