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Maybe one of the most iconic coffee brewers in the history of coffee brewers?! This plastic vacuum tube is manufactured by Aerobie, a company better known for its frisbees. It is widely used in cafes and homes around the world, and every year, there are AeroPress World Championships to determine who makes the best brews with it.

In the AeroPress, coffee grounds and water are in the same chamber for a certain period, after which the extraction is pressed through a paper filter. The result is 1-2 cups (about 250ml) of delicious coffee, reminiscent of a blend between pour-over and French press. It has a slight cloudiness and contains some unsoluble particles that passed through the filter, yet it remains free from actual coffee grounds. This gives the coffee a nice and smooth mouthfeel. It is easy to keep clean and take with you into nature, as it is made of plastic and not easily breakable. Comes with 100 filter papers. Hand washing is recommended.

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