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El Relojero


Costa Rica

El Relojero


Milk Chocolate, Sweet
Martin Guiterrez
Las Nubes, Santa Maria de Dota
Caturra, Catuai

El Relojero is easily approachable Espresso coffee with milk chocolate finish.

Martin Guiterrez biggest farm is “Gamboa” located in Las Nubes in Santa Maria de Dota at 1700-1800 masl. In the farm he has different blocks and El Relojero is one of these. Martin is among the most experienced producers with micro mills as they started already in 1999. Local pickers and family members are selecting the ripest cherries. It’s then mechanically demucilaged before sun dried on raised beds. Process: With the Eco pulper they are able to adjust the amount of mucilage they want to remove before soaking/fermenting or drying. In this case it is what they refer to as “double washed” meaning they mechanically remove around 70% mucilage and then soak the coffee under water to remove the rest of the mucilage. Drying: Montañas del Diamante sun dries their micro lots on covered patios. They move the coffee every 1 and ½ hour. And it takes around 7 days to get to the right moisture content 10%-10,5%.

We roast and ship the coffees on wednesdays.