Let us present, our new employee!

May 4th 2018

Let us present, our new employee!
Let us present, our new employee!

It’s time to brew a cup of coffee and get to know our staff little better!

We hired a new employee few weeks back to work with Samuli and help with the production. Silja is one of the few female roasters in Finland and has done remarkable job in her previous place of work, such as winning the award for best filter coffee in 2017. Let’s have a chat with Silja and find out how she ended up working with coffee.

Hi Silja! It’s great to have you as part of our team! What are looking forward the most working at Good Life Coffee?

I’m looking forward to learn more about roasting and to develop as a roaster. Also working as part of a team is inspiring. You get feedback and can learn from each other.

You’ve been working for us for a few weeks now, what has been exciting?

Many things! But trip to Oslo to our green coffee importer Nordic Approach was great experience for my first week. During the trip I also got to know my new colleagues pretty well since we spent a lot of time together.

You have been working with coffee before, what is that interests you in coffee?

I ended up working with coffee by accident. I did think about having my own cafe but it was more about serving quality products than just about coffee. Thru studies I ended up working at a roastery where I realised how diverse coffee actually is. Now four years later, I still think you can learn more about coffee everyday.

What is your favourite coffee at the moment?

I tasted a really nice Rwandan coffee from Norwegian roastery Taylor & Jorgen. It was very juicy and complex coffee!

Thank you Silja! It’s really exciting to have you as part of the Good Life Coffee crew!