Natural Ethiopian espresso - Messina Burtukaana

October 22nd 2018

“This coffees was purchased for two reasons, the first one for its flavor attributes, and secondly because is from a producer we have a great relationship with.” - Nordic Approach

Messina Burtukaana comes from one out of Israel Degfa's sites in Guji. Some hundreds smallholder farmers deliver tiny amounts of cherries daily to the communal washing station. The farmers delivering to Messina have between 0.5 and 5 hectares. Most coffees are organic by default.

We have Messina Burtukaana available for espresso. This coffee is an elegant and beautiful coffee with taste of orange and cherries. It is processed naturally which gives this coffee very sweet and juicy taste. You can purchase Messina Burtukaana from our webshop or cafe on Kolmas linja 17.