Costa Rica La Haciendita espresso

October 22nd 2018

Our Costa Rican espresso La Haciendita is a complex and intense coffee with red fruits flavour.

The farmer, Daniela Gutierrez, is 24 year old girl who studied engineering before taking over the family’s wet and dry mill operation. She works at the farm together with her father Jorge, mother Ivannia and sister Tatiana. Daniela and Jorge are very proud of the hard work they have done with this La Haciendita lot.

For Daniela, Jorge and their family coffee is more than a way of life, it is their passion. They dedicate a lot of work to produce specialty coffee. They know that they have a very valuable product in their hands and that is why they feel it is important to constantly improve the processes and quality. A coffee bag for this family means a lot of dedication and effort done by the whole team.

La Haciendita has taste notes of peach ice tea, orange and red apple. Now available from our webshop and cafe on Kolmas linja 17.