Filter coffee from Burundi - Buziraguhindwa

October 9th 2018

This lot of coffee comes from farmers within a walking distance from the Buziraguhindwa washing station. The washing station producer Salum Ramadhan separates the coffees both by area and date of picking until it's cupped and approved. They also float and sort cherries for all premium lots before the coffees are pulped, fermented and dried on raised beds. 

Salum also owns three other washing stations in Burundi. He is extremely detail orientated, spends lot of time to train local staff and has loyal work force. He also owns a transport business which is great for getting coffees out quickly while they are still fresh. 

We have bought only one 60kg sack of Salum's coffee! So if you wish to taste Buziraguhindwa head to our cafe on Kolmas linja 17 or Kahvila Sävy.

(Unfortunately Buziraguhindwa is not available from our webshop.)