Fresh crop coffees from Kenya, Ethiopia and Guatemala

July 30th 2018

This week we are launching four new, fresh crop coffees from Kenya, Ethiopia and Guatemala.

Filter coffee from Kenya Kainamui is one of the factories that is remembered from the early days of specialty coffee. Kainamui is a juicy coffee with taste of currants and pear. Try it as cold brew coffee for refreshing summer drink.

Ethiopian Dimtu Haro comes from a washing station focusing only on natural processed coffees. It is a complex coffee with taste of tropical fruits. This coffee is juicy and has a sweet finish. Dimtu Haro is available as filter and espresso.

Our second new espresso comes from Guatemala from a farm called Los Mangalitos. This espresso tastes like toffee! Los Mangalitos is sweet and has a heavy body. For a tasty dessert we recommend affogato made with Los Mangalitos. The toffee taste really works with vanilla ice cream. If you feel like having more fruit driven and strawberry tasting dessert, you can prepare your affogato with Ethiopian Dimtu Haro espresso.

The sweet and red berries tasting Guatemalan filter coffee comes from a farm Finca El Naranjo. For the farmer Simeon Palacios the natural environment at the farm is the key for all innovations. He is planning to improve his fermentation tanks and change the overall infrastructure at the farm.

All coffees are available at our webshop.