New juicy Kenyan filter coffee

July 29th 2018

Kainamui is one of the factories that is remembered from the early days of specialty coffee.

This coffee comes from Kainamui factory that is located at high altitude in an area that is more focusing on tea production. Kainamui factory works under New Ngariama Cooperative society, that have other great performing factories like Kamwangi.

At the area there are about 1800 farmers who are delivering coffees to Kainamui washing station. Each farmer owns on average 200 coffee trees.

Kainamui factory and the Cooperative are known for giving back a big portion of the premiums to the producers. They also provide financial support for school fees and farming needs.

Kainamui is a juicy coffee with taste of currants and pear. Try it as cold brew coffee for refreshing summer drink.

Kainamui is available as filter coffee from our webshop.