Two new coffees from Guatemala

July 29th 2018

El Naranjo for filter

The farm Finca El Naranjo is Simeon Palacios dream come true.

Twenty years ago Simeon got the opportunity to fulfill his dreams and buy his first coffee plot. After buying the land it took him 5 more years to really start his coffee plantation as he had to save some more money. For Simeon the natural environment comes first but he also likes the idea of experimenting on his farm. However there is no innovating without taking care of the surroundings. He is planning to improve his fermentation tanks and change the overall infrastructure at the farm.

The El Naranjo is sweet and lively coffee with taste of red berries. 

Los Mangalitos for espresso

This coffee is heavy, sweet and tastes like toffee. Los Mangalitos works really well as espresso or with milk.

The coffee farm is located in the upper part of the Los Mangalitos village in San Antonio Huisa. The farm is owned by Romulo Rojas who is first generation coffee farmer on this land. Romulo worked really hard to save money so he could buy his first plot. Even though it’s not a big farm he is happy with the results so far. In the near future he is keen to do more investments and improve his wet mill.

You can purchase the coffees from our webshop.