Fall reading and listening

September 3rd 2018

After busy summer days it's nice to relax at home with a good book. We have few tips for alternative reading and listening - all coffee related of course.

Standart - Magazine (in English)
Standart is a magazine focused only on coffee. It has interesting scientific articles, interviews with people working in the industry and coffee tips around the world. This print magazine gives you a chance to turn your phone on silent mode and "enjoy the beauty of the offline world". 

Cappuzine - Podcast (in Finnish)
When you want to start from the basics, Cappuzine is a great way to start. Cappuzine is a podcast in Finnish about coffee and culture around it. The first six episodes give you a versatile understanding about specialty coffee, origin, roasting and brewing. You can listen Cappuzine through iTunes, Soundcloud or Castbox.

James Hoffmann videos - YouTube channel (in English)
If you prefer to watch videos, James Hoffmanns’ YouTube channel has hours of fun. James does for example reviews on equipment and gives practical coffee hacks. 

Barista Hustle - Blog (in English)
Barista Hustle is more than a blog, it’s a coffee community around the world who learn from each other. Behind Barista Hustle is Matt Perger, Australian super barista, world champion coffee brewer and award winning writer. Barista Hustle articles are educating and easy to read. Check out at least their coffee compass for better tasting filter coffee.