Special Edition Colombian filter coffees

April 20th 2018

Special Edition Colombian filter coffees
Special Edition Colombian filter coffees

Colombia is interesting coffee origin since the coffees can have totally different taste profile even in small areas. In Narino there are several small farmers working in the steep hillsides. Different from other regions in Colombia Narino can have extremely dry conditions during harvest and humidity in the area can be low. This together with the high altitudes affect the flavour profiles and make them different from any other Colombian coffees. Huila is probably the most well-known area in Colombia with the wide flavour spectrum. The area is fertile with a lot of rainfall and humidity. Unfortunately, these same conditions make the processing and drying very challenging.

We have bought three very different micro lots from these areas. These three coffees stood out with their complexity and interesting taste profiles. Yermy Pedraza, Leonila Tuleanes and Sandra Joven are small farmers in Colombia who are doing great work with cherry picking, processing and drying. For the Helsinki Coffee Festival we have made a special edition taste box with all the three coffees:

  • Yermy Pedraza is amazing, bright and complex coffee with taste of fresh tropical fruits such as papaya and mango. His farm is located in the steep hills of Narino area.
  • Leonila Tuleanes is super sweet coffee with taste of nectarine and mandarine. It’s tea-like and elegant. Leonilas’ farm is located in Narino area as well.
  • Sandra Joven is farmer in Huila. This coffee is super bright, creamy and sweet.

Special Edition box available only at Helsinki Coffee Festival this weekend 20.-22.4.