Nordic Roaster Forum 2015

November 9th 2015

Lauri in Copenhagen
Lauri in Copenhagen

During the last weekend 5th - 7th November Good Life Coffee participated in the Nordic Roaster Forum competition held at the Factory in Copenhagen. It was our first time and also first entry to the competition by a Finnish coffee roastery.

Nordic Roaster Forum competition has been held since 2007 in several different forms. More information about the rules can be found from the Nordic Roaster Forum results page. The general idea behind the event is to collaborate, learn, have fun and compete in a casual environment.

We had a blast meeting old friends and making new ones! The event was great and Copenhagen is a excellent city to visit if you like good coffee, food and vine! Amazing amount of good places and people.

Kris from Five Elephant enjoying the morning coffee

Lots of cupping