New coffees from Ethiopia and Rwanda

February 9th 2018

Alexis and Aime Gahizi
Alexis and Aime Gahizi

We got super sweet new Ethiopian Mokonisa Bulga (aka “Pulkka”). This washed Ethiopian is very sweet and round with taste of dark chocolate and peaches. Bulga comes from Guji area which has been serving really outstanding coffees this year. You can get Bulga as filter coffee and later also as espresso.

Our new Rwandan peaberry, Gitesi, is great combination of floral notes, heavy and rich body and taste of cranberries. Gitesi is a private washing station owned and run by father and son, Alexis and Aime Gahizi. Farmers can deliver to whichever washing stations they want and competition for cherry can be pretty tough. Gitesi has a good relationship with the local farmers and are able to offer competitive pricing.

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New coffees from Costa Rica and Kenya!

December 18th 2017

Daniela Gutierrez
Daniela Gutierrez

It’s been busy at the roastery! Two new coffees: Kiamaina and La Cabana!

La Cabana is a balanced and easy to drink coffee. The coffee is a very well processed washed coffee, with great structure, acidity and stone fruits. The farmer Daniela Gutierrez is 24 years old lady, who studied engineering before taking over the family’s wet and dry mill operation.

If you enjoy Kenyan coffees you’ll like Kiamaina. Be quick though because the supply is very limited!

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New coffees keep rollin’ in!

December 11th 2017

New coffees keep rollin’ in!
New coffees keep rollin’ in!

This week we have two new coffees, filter coffee La Loma from Guatemala and peaberry Buliza espresso from Rwanda.

La Loma comes from Finca Villaure in Huehuetenango Guatemala. The farmer Aurelio bought his first farm in 1986 with support from his family and success of Finca La Esperanza. The whole Villatoro family work together, supporting each other in the cultivation, picking and post harvest processing. La Loma is your friend for the winter, sweet, easy to drink with taste of plum and nougat.

Espresso from Rwanda is for those who like to drink their espresso with no milk or as macchiato. There are about thousand farmers around the Buliza washing station in Rulindo district. This coffee is one of the few exciting and quality coffees from Rwanda with its clean taste, intense and great flavour.

You can pick up a box at our cafe on Kolmas linja 17 of from our webshop.

New Coffee Don Eli Beto from Costa Rica!

December 4th 2017

New Coffee Don Eli Beto from Costa Rica!
New Coffee Don Eli Beto from Costa Rica!

Hey folks! We are excited to announce our latest coffee offering – Don Eli Beto from Tarrazú, Costa Rica!

This coffee comes from Carlos Montero’s micro mill. He has started producing specialty coffee only few years ago but is committed to produce “quality over quantity” and his whole family is deeply involved at Don Eli coffee farm.

We had the awesome chance to meet with Carlos earlier this year when he visited Finland. You might think smoke sauna would be new experience but Carlos has been to Finland picking strawberries for a summer and going to sauna and swimming in the lake. If you have chance to meet him he may surprise you with his finnish skills.

The micro region of “La Pastora” where the coffee farm is located, is rich in volcanic soil and known for some of the best coffees in Costa Rica. Carlos has payed more attention on the pickers and the cherry sorting making sure the unripe cherries are separated before being processed naturally. We promise that this coffee is sweet and tastes like tropical fruits and candy.

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Nordic Roaster Forum 2015

November 9th 2015

Lauri in Copenhagen
Lauri in Copenhagen

During the last weekend 5th - 7th November Good Life Coffee participated in the Nordic Roaster Forum competition held at the Factory in Copenhagen. It was our first time and also first entry to the competition by a Finnish coffee roastery.

Nordic Roaster Forum competition has been held since 2007 in several different forms. More information about the rules can be found from the Nordic Roaster Forum results page. The general idea behind the event is to collaborate, learn, have fun and compete in a casual environment.

We had a blast meeting old friends and making new ones! The event was great and Copenhagen is a excellent city to visit if you like good coffee, food and vine! Amazing amount of good places and people.

Kris from Five Elephant enjoying the morning coffee

Lots of cupping