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Country: El Salvador

Field: Santa Ana

Producer: Jose Antonio Salaverria (JASAL)

Processing: Washed and soaked

Varieties: Batian

Altitude: 1200-1700m

Harvest: June - September

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This coffee from Finca San Francisco embodies the beauty and classic flavors of El Salvadorian coffee. It boasts sweet, dark cherry and red berry notes, complemented by a soft, rich mouthfeel and balanced intensity. Roasted for filter coffee, it creates a smooth and clean cup that is easy to enjoy. Truly, a solid and delightful cup of coffee!

The San Francisco farm is part of the Jasal group, managed by Jose Antonio Salaverria and his sons, Andres and Jose Antonio Junior. We have had coffee (San Felipe) from this family in the past, and the quality has been consistently amazing. The Salaverria family has a rich heritage of six generations in coffee production, emphasizing quality and sustainability. They own several farms around the Santa Ana volcano, including the historically significant El Molino and the recently acquired San Francisco complex.

Finca San Francisco, a sprawling 294-hectare estate, is meticulously divided into "tablones" to ensure superior processing and preparation of coffee cherries. Situated at altitudes ranging from 1200 to 1700 masl, this farm produces exceptional beans. Their meticulous processing methods, including eco-pulping and overnight soaking, enhance the elegance of their coffee. The cherries are dried on clay patios or raised beds, contributing to a cleaner and more complex flavor profile.

Combating leaf rust is a significant challenge in El Salvador. The Salaverrias use Huisil, an organic compost, to regenerate soil and strengthen plants. They balance traditional fertilizers with organic options to enhance plant health and productivity. The Salaverria family prioritizes their workers' welfare, offering better salaries, housing, healthcare, and education. Committed to sustainable practices, 60% of their production is Rainforest Certified. Their efforts include building medical clinics and schools, supporting local communities, and promoting good environmental practices.