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Country: Brazil

Field: Espirito Santo

Producer: Ivan, Fabio and Erich Holz

Processing: Semi-Washed/Pulped Natural

Varieties: Red and Yellow Catuai

Altitude: 800m

Harvest: August 2022

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Brazil, the new crop produced by the Holz family, has made a comeback! It's a balanced, sweet and clean coffee with chocolate, nut and nougat flavors.

For espresso and stronger filter coffee.

Coffee plantations are often owned by the entire family, and the work may be done by several generations. Or equivalently, the children have inherited their crops from their parents. The young generation is often more quality-oriented and want to change direction to specialty coffee. This has also happened in the case of the Holz family, in the Espirito Santo region of Brazil. Ivan and Erich Holz's father, Eduardo Holz Filho, started coffee farming almost 60 years ago in Sitio Eleonora, a 5-hectare farm in the municipality of Alto Jatiboca. After he died, Ivan took over, and for the last 10 years, the farm has focused on growing specialty coffee.

Ivan's brother Erich and his son Fabio own Fehlberg's 16-hectare farm in the municipality of Alto Limoeiro. 7 hectares of the farm are under coffee cultivation and contain a total of about 30,000 trees, which are partially irrigated during the dry months. Together with the help of Fabio's wife Jessica, they have succeeded in classifying up to 200 of the 300 coffee bags produced by the farm as specialty coffee. With the help of precise cultivation methods, they believe that this number will grow even higher in the future.

This coffee is classified as semi-washed coffee. The outermost berry skin is removed from the coffee, after which the layer surrounding the coffee seeds/beans is mechanically removed, before the coffee is dried. However, the entire protective layer does not come off in this operation, but a little remains on the surface of the bean. This gives its own effect to the whole, a bit like pulped natural processing, where the protective layer is left on the surface of the bean completely. The end result is really clean and sweet coffee, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!